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The Insurance Fund of Civil-law Notaries


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"We guarantee your civil liability in exercising the professional attributions"

     The Insurance Fund of Civil-law Notaries operates within the National Union of Civil-law Notaries of Romania having, according to the law, legal personality, governing bodies and its own patrimony. They are members of the Insurance Fund all civil-law notaries who exercise their activity on the Romanian territory and it has as a purpose the civil liability insurance of the civil-law notary in function for prejudices caused through notarial acts or deeds and notarial, except the damage caused by intentional acts.
     The Insurance Fund is exercising its activity through self-financing. Its financial means are composed of insurance premiums, registration fees, donations, legacies and other legal sources. The civil-law notaries in function have the obligation to conclude insurance policies at the moment of acquisition of the quality, to pay registration taxes, but also the annual premiums.
     The management bodies of the Insurance Fund of Civil-law Notaries are: The Congress of Civil-law Notaries, The Council of Administration and the President.
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